DRAEGER PIR 7000红外气体探测器


  • 制作:德拉格
  • 型号:PIR 7000

特点:特殊信号稳定性:结合maximum light-efficient optics with a signal-stabilising 4 beam technology. Fast response mode: In this mode, each measurable gas concentration is indicated within one second. In conjunction with low alarm thresholds, the gas transmitter can contribute to significantly reducing reaction times in the case of an emergency. Maximum reliability – SIL 2 certified: The Dräger PIR 7000 was developed and produced in accordance with SIL standards EN 61508 and EN 50402. Multiple configuration capabilities: The optimum default settings of the Dräger PIR 7000 are based on many years of experience. In addition, the PIR 7000 provides the option of user configurable parameters based on customer or application demands. Performance features:Two versions (type 334 and type 340) with different measuring wavelengths for different hydrocarbons with different sensitivities. Double-compensating and non-imaging optics (with 4-beam technology). Fastest response time of less than 1 second (t0..90 time).

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使 Draeger
制造商. DrägerwerkAG&Co.KGAA
模型代码 PIR 7000.
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  • 卓越的信号稳定性:Combines maximum light-efficient optics with a signal-stabilising 4 beam technology.
  • 快速响应模式:在这种模式下,每个可测量的气体浓度在一秒钟内表示。结合低报警阈值,气体变送器可以有助于在紧急情况下显着减少反应时间。
  • 最大可靠性 - SIL 2认证:根据SIL标准EN 61508和EN 50402,开发和生产DRÄGERPIR7000。
  • Multiple configuration capabilities:DrägerPIR7000的最佳默认设置基于多年的经验。此外,PIR 7000基于客户或应用程序需求提供用户可配置参数的选项。
  • 性能特点:两个版本(334型和340型),具有不同含有敏感性的不同烃的不同测量波长。双补偿和非成像光学(具有4梁技术)。最快的响应时间小于1秒(T0..90时间)。